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n. A genre of Korean court music


Aak or AAK may refer to:

  • Aak, a genre of Korean court music
  • AarhusKarlshamn (operating as AAK), a Swedish producer of vegetable oils and fats
  • Alliance for the Future of Kosovo, an alliance of political parties in Kosovo
  • Ankave language, a language of Papua New Guinea
  • Aranuka Airport in Aranuka, Kiribati
  • Architectural Association of Kenya
  • Armée de l'Air Khmère (Khmer Air Force, the air force of the Khmer Republic)

Usage examples of "aak".

Were they true messengers of the gods--this Zaac Tepal, as thou callest him, and the small white woman in rags whom he brought hither, and whom, thou, Keorah, for thine own purposes, hast suffered to usurp thy place--were they messengers of the gods, I say, would they need instruction concerning a time-honoured custom among the children of Aak?

He understood sufficient of it to assure himself that this Mayan off-shoot practised no bloody rites, and that the only propitiatory offerings required by Aak, were green herbage and spring water.

One, bearing a blue-haired, scrunch-faced being, swept down fast beside the platform of Ask Aak.

Palpatine watched, without surprise, as the volatile Senat or of Malastare, Ask Aak, maneuvered his floating platform down from the ranks and into the center of the arena.