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interj. 1 Indication of amazement or surprise or enthusiasm. 2 Indication of joyful pleasure. 3 Indication of sympathy. 4 Indication of mouth being opened wide. 5 To express understanding. 6 The sound of one screaming (with as many a's or h's needed for emphasis.) n. 1 Expression of amazement or surprise or enthusiasm. 2 Expression of joy and/or pleasure. 3 The exclamation aah. vb. 1 (context intransitive informal English) To say or exclaim '''aah'''. 2 # To express amazement or surprise or enthusiasm, especially by the interjection '''aah'''. 3 # To express joy or pleasure, especially by the interjection '''aah'''.


AAH or Aah or Aaah may refer to:

  • Aah (film), a 1953 Hindi film starring Raj Kapoor and Nargis
  • Aaah (film), a 2014 Tamil horror film
  • Abu’ Arapesh language, a language of Papua New Guinea
Aah (film)

Aah is a 1953 black and white Bollywood romantic drama film starring Raj Kapoor and Nargis in lead roles. The film was produced by Raj Kapoor and directed by Raja Nawathe. This was Nawathe's first independent directorial venture. He had previously worked as assistant director to Kapoor in Aag (1948), Barsaat (1949) and Awaara (1951).

The film was rated "Below Average" at the box office but has various hit songs like "Raja Ki Aayegi Baaraat", "Aaja Re Ab Mera Dil Pukara" and "Jaane Na Nazar". The song "Chhoti Si Yeh Zindagani" sung by Mukesh was also picturised on him. Subsequently, the film was later dubbed in Tamil as Avan and Telugu as Prema Lekhalu .

Usage examples of "aah".

There were disappointed Aahs from the crowd and then clapping, Mickah inspired.

As others aboard oohed and aahed, the device rose on a pillar of blue fire and vanished back into the belly of the famous I artifact, which rose solemnly into the equatorial sky and moved off northward in search of other violators.

He remembered last year when he lay on his back, oohing and aahing as each new color burst, filling the sky with snow glitters that burned out before they touched the ground.

The spectators oohed and aahed, exclaiming over each near throw and escape.

He had accused me of resenting the fact that people had stopped oohing and aahing over the change in me.

She ran a washcloth along his chest and around his neck, then positioned her hand under the cloth and pretended it was a dog - not that he knew what a dog was, despite the endless hours she'd spent pointing at picture books or oohing and aahing over the real thing in the park.

She spent hours peeking into every nook and cranny, oohing and aahing at the flowery wallpaper and the elegant carved trimmery and the cabinets full of fine china, and it wasn't until dawn that she thought to go outside and check what it looked like from the street.

His presence on the tour, tramping through museums and riding the buses like any ole AAH, was the celebrity magnet that had drawn so many of his nominal peers to China in the first place.

Moiraine and Lan still hung back half a dozen strides, she on her white mare in a full skirted blue silk riding dress slashed with green, her dark hair caught in a golden net, he astride his great black warhorse, in a color shifting Warder's cloak that probably brought as many oohs and aahs as the Aiel.

Interested citizens could follow a lady from the Historical Society up the spiral of stairs to the gallery at the top, where they could ooh and aah over the view and snap Kodaks to show their friends.

There were oohs and aahs from the audience as he tensed his muscles, his shirt splitting open with the effort, and bent the steel across his thigh.

There were a few kids twirling on the ice, and a group of them oohing and aahing at a giant taxidermied polar bear standing on its hind legs by a side exit.