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n. {{initialism of|(w: assault airlift control office)|lang=en|nodot=1}} ''or'' '''assault airlift control officer'''. n. 1 {{initialism of|(w: Advanced and Applied Concepts Office)|lang=en}} 2 {{initialism of|(w: American Association of Certified Orthoptists)|lang=en}}


AACO may refer to:

  • Arab Air Carriers Organization, a regional trade organization of Arab airlines established in 1965 by the League of Arab States
  • Australian Agricultural Company, a company which serves to improve beef cattle production through responsible natural resource and land use
  • Arizona Association of Counties, a member association for all elected officials of Arizona's 15 counties
  • the American Academy of Cosmetic Orthodontics, an organization of dentists promoting the use of Clear Aligner Therapy
  • an initialization for Anne Arundel County, Maryland