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n. 1 {{initialism of|(w: American Association of Cereal Chemists)|lang=en}} 2 {{initialism of|(w: American Association of Clinical Chemistry)|lang=en}} 3 {{initialism of|(w: American Association for Contamination Control)|lang=en}} 4 {{initialism of|(w: American Association of Credit Counselors)|lang=en}} 5 {{initialism of|(w: American Automatic Control Council)|lang=en}} 6 {{initialism of|(w: Army Air Corps Center)|lang=en}} 7 {{initialism of|(w: Association for the Aid of Crippled Children)|lang=en}} 8 {{initialism of|(w: Australian-American Chamber of Commerce)|lang=en}} 9 {{initialism of|(w: Australian Army Catering Corps)|lang=en}}


AACC may refer to:

  • All Africa Conference of Churches
  • All Arms Commando Course
  • American Association for Clinical Chemistry, a non-profit professional organization involved in the clinical chemistry
  • American Association of Cereal Chemists, a non-profit professional organization involved in the science of cereal or grain
  • American Association of Community Colleges, a non-profit organization representing the interest of community colleges
  • American Automatic Control Council, a professional organization involved in research of control theory
  • Anne Arundel Community College, a community college in Maryland
  • Australian Army Catering Corps, one of the Australian Army Corps
  • Abe Ani Combat Club