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n. (context always capitalized English) An atomic bomb; a weapon that derives its energy from nuclear reactions and has enormous destructive power. vb. (context always capitalized English) Atom-bomb; to bomb with an atom-bomb.

A-bomb (disambiguation)

A-bomb is the short form of atomic bomb, the usual name for a nuclear weapon that uses nuclear fission as its source of energy.

Other uses of the terms can mean:

  • Antimatter weapon
  • Atomic Bomb (album), a 1997 album by Filipino rock band Rivermaya
  • A-Bomb (EP), a 2002 pop punk EP by Teenage Bottlerocket
  • Atom Bomb (album), a 2005 album by The Blind Boys of Alabama
  • "Atom Bomb" (song), a song on Fluke's 1996 album Risotto
  • A-Bomb (music), a London-based music production company
  • Atom Bomb (film), a 1964 Malayalam language film
  • A-Bomb, Marvel comic book character, transformation of Rick Jones
A-Bomb (music)

A-Bomb, founded in 2001, is a music production company based in London, United Kingdom and has created advertising campaign soundtracks for clients such as Nike, Sony, Coca-Cola, Johnnie Walker, and Adidas.

Usage examples of "a-bomb".

The day I goofed I had simulated sergeant's chevrons as a simulated section leader and was armed with simulated A-bomb rockets to use in simulated darkness against a simulated enemy.

Perhaps the slugs were growing tired of our resistance and might decide to waste human raw material by A-bombing the cities we still held.

The rest of us would duck and cover like you have to do whenever they drop the A-bomb.

The earliest of the five types, the A-bomb, is now known to be possessed by at least five nations.

I'll run it like the Manhattan Project-most of you remember the A-bomb job.

F And so it came about that at Casablanca, the United States and Britain agreed on a major intensification of the strategic bomber offensive, and on giving top priority to the Manhattan Project, as the A-bomb program was now officially called.

Feet planted far apart, this pint-sized Zorro, no less than Destiny's Tot, stared at the three remaining teddy boys with eyes that could have triggered an A-bomb.