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alt. (alternate form of A & R English) init. (alternate form of A & R English)

Usage examples of "a&r".

always fresh, irreverent, original, brilliant, and on-the-edge, Thompson hurls himself headfirst into each assignment and situation and comes back with a story only he could write.

Manmountain Dense, a novice air Policeman, was severely injured here today, when a wine bottle exploded inside the aP gatehouse at the west entrance to the base.

He has imagination, good use of English, and can express his thoughts in a manner that makes interesting reading.

The first article that called attention to the writing noted above was a story very critical of Base Special Services.

Christmas Eve, 2000 miles from home, and compiling a table of contents for a book of my own Collected Works in an office with a tall glass door that leads out to a big terrace looking down on The Plaza Fountain.

a New Life, a different thing, a gig that ends tonight and starts tomorrow morning.

I will always consider it a mistake and a failed opportunity, one of the very few serious mistakes of my First Life that is now ending.

Strange epitaph for a strange year and no real point in explaining it either.

The man that not even Goldwater or Eisenhower could tolerate had finally gone too far -- and now he was walking the plank, on national TV, six hours a day -- with The Whole World Watching, as it were.

Hubert Humphrey lost that election by a handful of votes -- mine among them -- and if I had to do it again I would still vote for Dick Gregory.

Nixon, at least, was blessed with a mixture of arrogance and stupidity that caused him to blow the boilers almost immediately after taking command.

By bringing in hundreds of thugs, fixers and fascists to run the Government, he was able to crank almost every problem he touched into a mindbending crisis.

The Watergate spectacle was a shock, but the fact of a millionaire President paying less income tax than most construction workers while gasoline costs a dollar in Brooklyn and the threat of mass unemployment by spring tends to personalize Mr.

Presidency will leave scars on the minds and lives of a whole generation -- his supporters and political allies no less than his opponents.

and how much longer will we have to wait before some high-powered shark with a fistful of answers will finally bring us face-to-face with the ugly question that is already so close to the surface in this country, that sooner or later even politicians will have to cope with it?