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init. assault and battery


A&B may refer to:

  • Above & Beyond (band)
  • Abrams & Bettes: Beyond the Forecast, a program on The Weather Channel
  • Alexander & Baldwin, an American company.
  • Antigua and Barbuda, a small island nation in the Caribbean
  • Arbogast & Bastian (A&B Meats), a defunct meat-packing company based in Allentown, Pennsylvania, USA
  • Assault and battery (disambiguation)
  • Roman Catholic Diocese of Arundel and Brighton, England
  • A&B, a bit signaling procedure used in SF (D4) framed T1 transmission facilities

Usage examples of "a&b".

This is a common way for adventuresses to look upon their daughters, and Therese was an adventuress in the widest acceptation of the term.

an Englishman took the bill, and after a careful examination said he neither knew the drawer, the accepter, nor the backer.

In spite of all these considerations, I felt a sort of pleasure in accepting for ready cash all the counterfeit coins that she had spread out before me.

Beside myself with rage, blushing for very shame, seeing but too late the fault I had committed by accepting the society of a scoundrel, I went up to my room, and hurriedly packed up my carpet-bag.

The supper must take place, it will be a pleasure for me, but let me confess that in accepting it I have shewn myself more grateful than polite.

You will dishonour me by accepting such a poor offer, and you will do yourself harm too, as you will not be able to ask for a good salary after taking such a small one.

I found my conduct excusable, as the chances were a hundred to one against her accepting the proposal I had been foolish enough to make.

Malipiero was a senator, who was unwilling at seventy years of age to attend any more to State affairs, and enjoyed a happy, sumptuous life in his mansion, surrounded every evening by a well-chosen party of ladies who had all known how to make the best of their younger days, and of gentlemen who were always acquainted with the news of the town.

I was acquainted with my subject, and would compose a sermon which would take everyone by surprise on account of its novelty.

as she was a native of Venice, I thought it was absurd for her to speak French to me, and I told her that I was not acquainted with that language, and would feel grateful if she would converse in Italian.

I would only sell the secret for a large sum of money, and I am not acquainted with you.

at that moment I saw Petronio going by, and availing myself of a moment when the officer was talking to someone, I told him not to appear to be acquainted with me, but to tell me where he lived.

Dandolo asked me whether I would answer a question he would ask, the interpretation of which would belong only to him, as he was the only person acquainted with the subject of the question.

They never would have entertained such a strange idea if they had been acquainted with cabalistic science.

I had likewise occasion to become acquainted at the Venetian Embassy with a lady from Venice, the widow of an English baronet named Wynne.