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The mentum is an anatomical structure, a projecting feature that is near the mouth of any of a variety of different kinds of animals:

  1. In insects, the mentum is the distal part of the labium. The mentum bears the palps, glossae, paraglossae, and/or ligula.
  2. On the human face, the mentum refers to the protruding part of the chin.
  3. In certain sea snails, marine gastropod mollusks, the mentum is a thin projection of the soft parts of the animal, below the mouth. It is found in the family Pyramidellidae.


  1. n. a projection like a chin formed by the sepals and base of the column in some orchids

  2. the protruding part of the lower jaw [syn: chin]

  3. a projection below the mouth of certain mollusks that resembles a chin



n. 1 (context anatomy English) The chin. 2 (context malacology English) A chin-like projection below the mouth of certain mollusks.

The Collaborative International Dictionary


mentum \men"tum\, n. [L., chin.] (Zo["o]l.) The front median plate of the labium in insects. See Labium.

Usage examples of "mentum".

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