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n. 1 (plural of mend English) 2 (obsolete form of amends English) vb. Third person singular simple present of ''to mend.''

The Collaborative International Dictionary


Mends \Mends\ (m[e^]ndz), n. See Amends. [Obs.]

Usage examples of "mends".

Of course-and the drow and his Mends knew it-tall grass might also serve as camouflage for the dangerous tundra yetis, always hungry beasts that often feasted on unwary travelers.

With an effort that burned out smaH components and may have taken a century off my lifespan, I was barely able to hint at how my programming might be circumvented-and these my Mends were able to interpret my hints and act on them.

Just one of those mild itches of the soul that a man doesn't particularly feel like sharing with all his Mends, a passing impulse to toot for a few bars on the old self-pity horn.

The two were speaking like old Mends, and in a manner they were indeed.

We are Mends above all else, and that is the beauty of our relationship.

I was Uncle Joe Bonforte, determined to do this thing perfectly-for the honor and welfare of my own people and my own planet-and for my Mends the Martians.

So I asked Bill Robinson to come and pick them all up and put them in his garage, and he's a chum of mine, dear, so he came and took them, and they'll be quite safe, dear, he's a nice young man, he mends motorbikes.