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init. Search and Seizure


S&S may refer to:

  • Sense and Sensibility—a novel by Jane Austen
  • Sword and sorcery—a subgenre of fantasy and historical fantasy
  • S&S Cycle—a manufacturer of aftermarket engine parts and proprietary engines
  • S&S Worldwide—a designer and builder of amusement park rides, including roller coasters

Usage examples of "s&s".

They had nothing to give up in the first place, for everybody else this love thy neighbor as thyself s a plain oxymoron, turned the whole country into a cradle of hypocrisy.

Come to London, wear these clothes, r these parcels - like a modelling job, an unusual modelling s possible, I suppose.

sense s agmen fr ting: Pascal sat three feet away from her as polite astranger.

Inside it, as Gini had dicted, were pile upon pile of socks: dark grey socks, black s, socks that matched the conservative suits and the image was building of a conservative ex-army man.

The day he took s picture, his camera had been lucky - for once it had captured .

Marianne s his comfort, the one person who could give meaning tohis e.

Sh e deScribed how She had Scanned, every day, the Beirut S in the newSpaperS.

Gini saw it s a button, a brass button, possibly a regimental button, or one e kind worn on blazers.

It was better to let s pass, and besides, she could not think about tomorrow, or kins, or a newspaper office.

she looked at her watch, s w it was almost five, and felt a dart of alarm.

I know is that on saturday at my party, I could see Lise s terribiv tense.

UpStairS, S nne waS now Sleeping peacefully, her EngliSh nanny keeping na h.

she headed south for the s offices, through heavy traffic, cursing the hold-ups and 6 lights.

sitting at e with a tape recorder and a script, or turning tricks with e fat slob in a car behind the gas-works up the streetT she tured out of the window to the wasteland that covered several s to the north of the station.

she tured out of the window to the wasteland that covered several s to the north of the station.