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I/O (disambiguation)

I/O may refer to:

  • Input/output, a system of communication for information processing systems
  • Input-output model, an economic model of flow prediction between sectors
  • Industrial and organizational psychology, the field of psychology that studies the workplace
  • Industrial organization, the field of economics that studies the behavior of firms
  • I/O (album), an upcoming album by Peter Gabriel
  • Input/Output (EP), a 2003 EP by The Letterpress
  • I/O (visual novel), a Japanese science fiction visual novel by Regista
  • I/O, a 2004 album by the Canadian rock band Limblifter
I/O (album)

I/O was the working title of a planned studio album by British progressive rock musician Peter Gabriel. It was initially intended to be the follow-up to his 2002 album, Up, though, in October 2011, Gabriel stated that he had not actually completed the recording of any songs for I/O and that the project was merely a set of "song ideas" which remain unfinished.

I/O (visual novel)

I/O is a Japanese science fiction visual novel produced by Regista. It was released by GN Software for the PlayStation 2 on January 26, 2006 and by Asgard for Microsoft Windows on August 29, 2008 under the title I/O Revision II.