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alt. gin and tonic n. gin and tonic


G&T can mean:

  • Gin and tonic
  • Geometry and trigonometry
  • the Gifted And Talented
  • a Gifted And Talented program
  • Generation & Transmission cooperative (wholesale energy provider)
  • Gramophone & Typewriter Ltd

Usage examples of "g&t".

I know you will think this 88 L E G E N D is horl 1h1c Of me, but I like it when a beautiful woman like you Pulls away from me in fear of what I miGht be seekinG from her.

L E G E N D iDe it was because the siGht of his broad, muscular back inade lier hands tremble, but she started talkinG about her world.

I can only see L E G E N D his eyes because the lower half of his face is covered with a black cloth.

L E G E N D Then she heard voices in the back and went throuGh a curtain into a storaGe room.

UsinG a comb, a round hairbrush, and about three pounds of hairpins, she manaGed to 23 Jude Deveraux L E G E N D sweep her thick wavy hair into a hiGh pouf off her face, then allowed lonG dark curls to tumble down her back.

Never in her life had Kady seen anythinG as enticinG as the view 28 L E G E N D of hcr Own apartment.

His hair was dark blond, his skin 34 L E G E N D li,jitly tanned, and for the first time, Kady noticed that he was one Got-Geous hunk.

What if they were the Good I L E G E N D Guys and this man was a murderer and that was the reason they had been about to hanG him?

Rabbit cooked in wine, or baked in a crust, or 48 L E G E N D smothcl, d in twice-whipped potatoes.

Either she 49 Jude Deveraux L E G E N D needed some assertiveness traininG or this man needed a course in believinG women were autonomous.

L E G E N D ,,loncy, she thouGht as the kids looked into their palms, then took off runninG in the direction of the ice cream parlor that she knew was just around a bend in the road.

L E G E N D As Kady walked up and over this hill, past the hedGe, the town seemcd to chanGe.

Harwood and his men into turmoil as 92 L E G E N D they tried to fiGure out who was shootinG at them.

She started to pull away, but his arms were locked 108 L E G E N D about her.

I knew 1 1 2 L E G E N D that if I could take a horrible old restaurant like that, and turn it around, then I alone would Get credit, And afterward I could Get a job anywhere as head chef, not as an assistant, or I could obtain financinG to open my own restaurant.