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Ch'iyel (ruled c. 760–790+) was the only known Maya king of Sacul, El Petén, city in Guatemala.

It appears that he was the most powerful ruler at Sacul and is recorded as having participated in a number of events, including wars, rituals and royal visits. He was also likely to have been the ruler responsible for the greatest period of construction activity at the city.

On 12 February 760 he is recorded as having received a visit from king Shield Jaguar II of Ucanal, who oversaw Ch'iyel receiving his mannequin sceptre, a symbol of rulership.

Stela 2 of Sacul was raised to commemorate the visit of Ch'iyel to Ixkun on a date that has been reconstructed as in the Mesoamerican calendar (11 October 790) and bears portraits of the kings of both Sacul and Ixkun.