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Word usage examples

World administration is handed by the tuyere, a rotating board of three Optimen, who rule over the millions like a dark trinity of Fates.

the Survey Globe had been moved aside and the tuyere occupied a position on the front bench center at the end of the hall.

the hot water that cooled the tuyeres came into it, some fifty yards up--a tumultuous, almost boiling affluent, and the steam rose up from the water in silent white wisps and streaks, wrapping damply about them, an incessant succession of ghosts coming up from the black and red eddies, a white uprising that made the head swim.

It was the last half of September, the very end of the dry season, and all tulare County, all the vast reaches of the San Joaquin Valley--in fact all South Central California, was bone dry, parched, and baked and crisped after four months of cloudless weather, when the day seemed always at noon, and the sun blazed white hot over the valley from the Coast Range in the west to the foothills of the Sierras in the east.

In a few years her output of wheat exceeded the value of her out-put of gold, and when, later on, the Pacific and Southwestern Railroad threw open to settlers the rich lands of tulare County--conceded to the corporation by the government as a bonus for the construction of the road-- Magnus had been quick to seize the opportunity and had taken up the ten thousand acres of Los Muertos.

He was one of the local political bosses, but more important than all this, he was the representative of the Pacific and Southwestern Railroad in that section of tulare County.

His barn dance would be the talk of all tulare County for years to come.

Magnus cast a glance at the contents of the letter, then rose to his feet and read: Magnus Derrick, Bonneville, tulare Co.

Point Gordo, and if you were to draw a line from our position now through that point and carry it on about a hundred miles further, it would just about cross tulare County not very far from where you used to live.

Central Valley to tulare, Bakersfield, and Barstow, then in the cool of darkness, across the desert, between the far-off hulking crags of the foothills and the mountains.