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Word usage examples

We know that the Soviets also manufactured plague for use in weapons and researched other biological agents, including all those discussed in the chapters in this book, such as anthrax, tularemia, and botulinum toxin.

Even then, it would take some detective work to identify tularemia, as opposed to inhalational plague or anthrax.

Our success with tularemia the previous year had turned Kalinin into an influential figure.

Finding cures for cancer, sleeping sickness, treatments for chagres fever, dengue disease, tularemia, and things like that.

Of course, nosocomial tularemia doesn’t make any more sense than nosocomial plague.

they tried typhoid, bubonic plague, pneumonic plague, meningitis, and tularemia.

Along the extreme edge of the village he could see just how formidable tourrette must have seemed to any would-be attacker.

Ever since their confrontation in the stable at tourrette, his eyes had haunted Chris.

the words by which it is commonly expressed--democracy, parliamentarism, individual liberty, diversity, free development--are puzzling theoretic words, which make no instinctive appeal to the heart.

Moreover it was at first expressed only fragmentarily, and so obscurely that though people admitted its theoretic truth they could not entirely accept it as guidance for their conduct.