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Word usage examples

the second impediment is represented by the numerous theoretical positions that see no alternative to the present form of rule except a blind anarchic other and that thus partake in a mysticism of the limit.

the mamuti, anticipating the need for explanations to relieve the anxieties caused by this startling innovation, had mentally searched the theoretical construct of their metaphysical world for answers that would satisfy.

His brief spell in the arcology refuge had shown him how little use theoretical medicine was in the face of real injuries.

the world knows your phenomenal skill in billiards, Professor, a talent second only to your amazing aptitude in theoretical physics.

I think he underrates the part my energy and practical capacity played in bringing about the realisation of his theoretical sphere.

there is no theoretical limit on the length of a buckytube, although current techniques produce samples only a few microns long.

For if by the logical following of this path - as in modern theoretical physics - the whole universe is dissolved into units which can no longer be distinguished from each other, then it will become impossible to count these parts, for it cannot be established whether any given one of these hypothetical elemental particles has been counted or not.

While the Bauble could theoretically be subdivided into millions of individual macromolecules, it was in fact one super-macromolecule, since the linkages between its theoretical units were themselves molecular in nature.

Labs engineers invent kwanlon, a monomolecular fiber with theoretical strength enough to link Earth with geosynchronous satellites.

Yet you continue to overeat, indicating clearly that the physical sensation of ingestion outweighs the theoretical pleasure of improved appearance.