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  4. If the search result offers you a lot of words and you do not know which one is right for you, visit the section “Meanings of Words” and find out its meaning.

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Word usage examples

I dug my heels into the carpet, rocking the chair, more Blackshirts rushing towards me, pushing past muriel, the big guy, mcGruder, among them.

At any moment those Blackshirts would be up on the benches to get a better shot at me, so I re-holstered the pistol and bundled muriel out the door, breaking into a run as soon as we hit open air.

Grady answered, beginning to feel sorry for Muriel, for all of the Peevers children.

muriel asked, looking to Annie, who must have seemed the sanest person in the room.

muriel was chatting to Wilhelm Stem before a tall mirror over an empty fireplace at the far end of the room, and an elegant couple they made, she in a slim floor-length gown that shimmered silver, cut high from shoulder to shoulder, with long tight sleeves, her hair once again held to one side but this time by a decorative comb, while he wore a dark evening suit, white handkerchief, probably silk, peeping from his breast pocket, his tie a deep grey worn against a white shirt.

muriel and Cissie were staring at Wilhelm Stern, shocked by his words.

It wasn't my intentionto pass the reins into his hands, I don't mind tellingyou, but muriel insisted it would be better for him to takesome responsibility now, while we're still here to keep aneye on him.

To-night, however, he prayed that he might live just long enough to welcome back muriel Graham's son with his honour redeemed and his great fault atoned.

Often muriel and I would discuss how we'd come together, the chance and circumspectness of it, other times the many ways in which, jigsawlike, our curves and turnings had become a whole.

He lighted himself a White Owl, better than Robert Burns though not much, he had been recommended to try muriel but he had once known a girl called muriel, and he looked through the great window at the dusking carpark.