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  3. Find the word by mask and by letters.
  4. If the search result offers you a lot of words and you do not know which one is right for you, visit the section “Meanings of Words” and find out its meaning.

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Word usage examples

Lei non aveva una madre che potesse avviarla alla carriera, non aveva fa­scino muliebre a darle coraggio nei momenti difficili.

And despite my no-nonsense bag right out of a black and white big-shouldered gal moviedom, I demurred.

It is clear, too, that they had an instrument of navigation for accurately determining longitudes that was far superior to anything possessed by the peoples of ancient, medieval or modern times until the second half of the eighteenth century.

But one cannot conceive that even in this way any approximation could have been made, even in these old medieval days, towards a fair proportioning of the pay to the work.

I see more of Charlie than he sees of me, for I am now thoroughly dug in at my stable clinic, and from my private hideout and post of observation in the tower -- yes, there is even a neat little tower on this archidiaconal horse-palace, to echo the larger tower of the same design on Glebe House -- I see him swanning around looking at once medieval and thoroughly of the moment, a priest among his people.

more knowledge, however, of the history of surgery has given a serious set-back to this self-complacency, and now we know that the later medieval surgeons understood practical antisepsis very well, and applied it successfully.

Between the outer wall and the buildings was an open space corresponding to the ballium of a medieval castle.

Regress Express and set the Way Back machine to medieval or horticultural or foraging or whatnot: they all had their chance.

What were the medieval equivalents of Constable and ecology, of bird watching and Eleusis, of microscopy and the rites of Dionysos and the Japanese Haiku?

It was a mystical pictorial with a millefleurs background dotted with several of the small animals representing the forest bestiaries so beloved by medievals: birds, rabbits, goats, sheep, squirrels and hounds.