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How to search words by mask:

  1. Set the desired length of the word using the “plus” and “minus” options.
  2. Enter the letters you know in the boxes. They should be arranged in the same sequence as in the word.
  3. Find the word by mask and by letters.
  4. If the search result offers you a lot of words and you do not know which one is right for you, visit the section “Meanings of Words” and find out its meaning.

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Word usage examples

The lack of these underlying muliebral qualities more than counterbalances to not a few Europeans the undoubted vivacity, originality, and freshness of the American woman.

Hollywood, the glamour capital of the world, here is Johnny Whistler and his movieland Report.

A frightful horror right out of Stephen King movieland, that junkheart of the college freshman girl-reading-Dean R.

He revamped the opening, stressing the movieland banality of the story, as if to lure an unimaginative producer.

Global movieland, but my tour guide said that got blown up by terrorists.

His green sweatpants were stained, and his ample belly threatened the seams of his ratty Global movieland T-shirt.

And that's why scads of superheroes [and so-called "anti-superheroes"] are flying high in movieland.

many South Florida moviegoers are from New York, or have relatives there, or once visited there on vacation.

Dennis was sure the day would come not right away, of course when moviegoers would ignore theatres that did not provide talking pictures.

This unexpected happy ending makes the moviegoer mad with joy, and verifies once again cinema's undisputed value as the giver of good, wholesome and clean entertainment.