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How to search words by mask:

  1. Set the desired length of the word using the “plus” and “minus” options.
  2. Enter the letters you know in the boxes. They should be arranged in the same sequence as in the word.
  3. Find the word by mask and by letters.
  4. If the search result offers you a lot of words and you do not know which one is right for you, visit the section “Meanings of Words” and find out its meaning.

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Word usage examples

But neither the rich, musical voice nor the superb muliebrity of his companion could dull his perception of the fundamental egotism that shaped her views.

I asked him a lot of questions about the security precautions surrounding moviemaker and Centigrade, and he was still completely untroubled.

So,' I paused, 'it's now quite clear that the two horses standing in his barn called moviemaker and Centigrade are in actual fact exactly what he says.

make Offen prove beyond any doubt that the two horses at Orpheus literally are moviemaker and Centigrade.

Did she tell him that I was certain the horses that he has at Orpheus Farm are moviemaker and Centigrade?

By then, I guess, he expects to have had moviemaker and Centigrade identified as themselves, and then when the dust has settled he can bring Showman and Allyx quietly back, and it'll be safe for Kiddo to return.

They had already been out to see the horses, and Offen was piling proof on proof that the horses in his barn were veritably moviemaker and Centigrade.

Hawkins and Prensela have been concentrating on moviemaker and Centigrade here, they've stirred up the D A.

No, Yola, I'm not walking into that farm and find I have to answer questions like what I am doing there, and what are those two horses in the barn, with moviemaker and Centigrade's registrations tattooed inside their lips?

After that… well, Offen does legally own moviemaker and Centigrade, and he's entitled to the fees they earn on their own merits.