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Answer for the clue "Steeple top", 5 letters:

Alternative clues for the word spire


High riser

Skyline feature

Tower topper

Cathedral topper

Place for a finial

One making a point at church?

Horizon standout

Chrysler Building feature

Church part

Skyline pointer

Chapel topper

Church bell locale

Church feature seen from a distance

Staple of gothic architecture

Freedom Tower feature

Transamerica Pyramid feature

Point made by architects

Church bell location

Burj Khalifa feature

A tall tower that forms the superstructure of a building (usually a church or temple) and that tapers to a point at the top

Village high point

Sight at Oxford

Coil or curl


Church topper

Church-tower feature

A series of curls



Church structure

Tower top

Skyline component

Skyline sight

Place for an epi


Part of a steeple

Skyline element

Taper upward

Word definitions for spire in dictionaries

Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English Word definitions in Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
noun COLLOCATIONS FROM OTHER ENTRIES a church spire/steeple (= a church tower with a pointed top ) ▪ The tall church spires could be seen from far away. COLLOCATIONS FROM CORPUS ■ ADJECTIVE gothic ▪ This replaced the Gothic spire of the old St Nicholas'...

The Collaborative International Dictionary Word definitions in The Collaborative International Dictionary
Spire \Spire\, v. i. [L. spirare to breathe. See Spirit .] To breathe. [Obs.] --Shenstone.

Wiktionary Word definitions in Wiktionary
Etymology 1 n. 1 (context now rare English) The stalk or stem of a plant. (from 10th c.) 2 A young shoot of a plant; a spear. (from 14th c.) 3 A sharp or tapering point. (from 16th c.) vb. 1 Of a seed, plant etc.: to sprout, to send forth the early shoots...

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary Word definitions in Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary
Old English spir "a sprout, shoot, spike, blade, tapering stalk of grass," from Proto-Germanic *spiraz (cognates: Old Norse spira "a stalk, slender tree," Dutch spier "shoot, blade of grass," Middle Low German spir "a small point or top"), from PIE *spei-...

WordNet Word definitions in WordNet
n. a tall tower that forms the superstructure of a building (usually a church or temple) and that tapers to a point at the top [syn: steeple ]

Wikipedia Word definitions in Wikipedia
A spire is a tapering conical or pyramidal structure on the top of a building, often a skyscraper or a church tower . Etymologically, the word is derived from the Old English word spir , meaning a sprout, shoot, or stalk of grass. Currently, the largest...

Usage examples of spire.

At last, she found herself in a pleasant reception area, wide windows providing a spectacular view of the sunset over the crystal and ebony spires of the Allegiancy capital.

The Wanderer To see the clouds his spirit yearned toward so Over new mountains piled and unploughed waves, Back of old-storied spires and architraves To watch Arcturus rise or Fomalhaut, And roused by street-cries in strange tongues when day Flooded with gold some domed metropolis, Between new towers to waken and new bliss Spread on his pillow in a wondrous way: These were his joys.

He stopped, drew his shapes, walked on, stopped, drew, walked, on to the spired old-century cragginess of Nabob Bridge, and over quickly through Kinken where the richer khepri moieties, older money and arriviste, preserved their dreamed-up culture in the Plaza of Statues, kitsch mythic shapes in khepri-spit.

Beyond the short spire and its shining cock, rose the balls and stars and arrowy vanes of the House, glittering in gold and sunshine.

Thousands upon thousands the cones bristled, pyramiding to the base of one tremendous spire that tapered up almost to the top of the shaft itself.

Through the wooden lattice, beyond the water tanks and satellite dishes and kids playing rooftop cricket, I could see the ramparts of the Red Fort, the minarets and domes of the Jami Masjid and beyond them, the glittering glass and titanium spires of New Delhi.

The cathedral, with its arches and slender spires, rose before them in all its millenary splendor, dazzling and proud.

Spire likes to throw at us - the modifiers will give us an edge that we lacked previously.

The Grand Unctator of the Natural Rite will conduct the eulogy and guide his monic spire toward the Lambent Nescience.

Even through the darkness he was able to make out the winged shape clinging to the outswell of the rock spire some fifteen feet below him, almost in the manner of a bat clinging to the rough wall of a cave.

The panzer hurls itself above the rise again and skates along the edge of the red glare cast by the scattered chopper, heading for the spire of a silo in the distance.

It raised up even higher as they watched, yellow-brown in the harsh sunlight, its two sets of horns searching as its upper body waved from side to side, revealing a light external shell, a platelet with the merest hint of a spire.

The mareschal de Noailles, having secured the towns of Spire, Worms, and Oppenheim, passed the Rhine in the beginning of June, and posted himself on the east side of that river, above Franckfort.

It spired into the sky, columnar and prismoidal, light and dark bands alternating along its height.

Its spires jutted from the topside, and its entire circumference was surrounded with propulsory tentacles.