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Answer for the clue "Suffix with tank or dull", 3 letters:

Alternative clues for the word ard

Suffix with dull or drunk

Suffix with drunk

Suffix with tank

Dull finish?

Dull suffix

Ending for drunk or dull

Ex-Giant lineman

Dull follower

Suffix with dull

Ending for drunk?

Ending for dull

Grandson of Benjamin

Bill ___, Super Bowl XXI lineman

Suffix for dull

Suffix with cow or drunk

Dull ending

Speed skater Schenk

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init. Acid Reflux Disease

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Ard , ARD , Ards or ARDS may refer to:

Usage examples of ard.

Mac Ard was still looking at her, and Aldwoman Pearce turned in her chair to glance back also.

Jenna got back, Mac Ard was sitting at the table with a plate of boiled potatoes, mutton, and bread, and a mug of tea in front of him.

Mac Ard had turned in his chair, the legs scraping across the floorboArds.

Mac Ard, and of the cold lightning that flared from it and the red-haired man.

She could feel her cheeks getting hot, and her mouth opened as if she wanted to speak, but she forced herself to remain silent as Mac Ard continued to stare.

Jenna wondered at that, but then Mac Ard clucked once at Conhal, and the horse started walking, startling Jenna.

Maeve had always told her how Niall, her da, was strong and protective and loving, and she could imagine that this Mac Ard might be the same way.

Tiarna Mac Ard pushed open the door of the tavern so that Maeve and Jenna could enter, then, as quickly, the chatter resumed again as everyone pretended not to notice that the tiarna had brought company with him.

She was smiling at Mac Ard, and if she remained a careful step away from him, she also kept her gaze on him.

Mac Ard was leaning towArd Maeve, his arms on the table, his hands curled around a mug of the ale, and her mam was talking.

No one actually glanced back to Tiarna Mat Ard, but everyone waited to see if he would speak first.

Mac Ard, after hearing the first few notes, sat back in his chair with an audible cough of surprise and admiration, shaking his head and stroking his beArd.

Maeve seemed strangely interested in the intricacies of the Mac Ard genealogy and asked several questions, but Jenna was bored.

She saw the horse and rider emerge from under the trees: Tiarna Mac Ard, astride Conhal.

Mac Ard let the silence linger, and Jenna forced herself to stay quiet, though she could see him waiting for her to elaborate.