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Answer for the clue "Retinue group", 10 letters:

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n. (plural of attendant English)

Usage examples of attendants.

He was just alighted from his horse, and had many attendants at his heels.

The master of the hunt, however, often saw and approved the great judgment of the stranger in drawing the dogs when they were at a fault, and hence conceived a very high opinion of his understanding, as the number of his attendants inspired no small reverence to his quality.

Adelheid and her attendants came from the mews, Sanglant and Heribert from the garden.

Berthold slept in a cradle of jewels, surrounded by six attendants whose youthful faces bore the peaceful expression known to those angels who have at last seen God.

Certain of his attendants made laughing noises as well, glancing over at the prince to see if he found the comment as funny as Hrodik did.

All of them had hands hennaed in the way of the attendants outside, dots and zigzag lines painted onto their skin.

Boleslas rode up with a dozen frilled and colorful attendants to either side of his brightly caparisoned horse.

Her attendants had to restrain her twice from throwing herself onto his bloody body.

Sapientia was helpless to stop them while, all around, nobles and attendants crowded in, eager or aghast to see such a show.

Rumor had it that her attendants had asked for a barrel of honey in which to preserve her body.

She had to be held up by two of her attendants, and a third woman threw a light shawl over her head to hide her face from the clerics and mourners assembled in the church.

The young lord, marked out from his attendants by the exceptional richness of his clothing, lay half curled on his side, with one cheek resting on a palm.

But for all his shaking and coaxing, he could not wake him, nor could any of the sleeping attendants be woken despite their best efforts to break the spell of sleep.

Of all her attendants the only one whom she tolerates for more than a moment is Hanna, who speaks soothingly to her and gets her to drink from a silver cup.

Sapientia reclined on a couch while her attendants fluttered around her and her new physicianon loan from Margrave Judith and newly arrivedtested her pulse by means of pressing two fingers to her skin just under her jawline.