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Answer for the clue "He wrote "The Making of an American": 1901", 4 letters:

Alternative clues for the word riis

Reformer Jacob

Social reformer Jacob

"How the Other Half Lives" author Jacob

Chronicler of slum life

"The Children of the Poor" author

Jacob of journalism

New York's Jacob ___ Park

"How the Other Half Lives" author

Urban reformer Jacob

Jacob who wrote "How the Other Half Lives"

New York City park name

Crusading journalist for the old New York Sun

В  В  Reformer born in Denmark

Jacob ___ Park, in Queens

"Children of the Tenements" author

Social historian Jacob

Early photojournalist Jacob

Muckraker Jacob

"The Battle With the Slum" writer

Muckraker who pushed for "model tenements"

___ Park, L.I.

Danish-American journalist

Author of "How the Other Half Lives"

Danish-American reformer

Social reformer: 1849-1914 (4)

Danish-American journalist-reformer

Memorable U.S. journalist

He wrote "The Making of an American"

Journalist Jacob ___

Danish-American writer

U.S. journalist Jacob

Famous reformer Jacob

Danish-born reformer

He wrote "The Old Town"

Long Island park

Journalist Jacob August: 1849–1914

"The Making of an American" is his autobiography

Memorable Danish-American writer

Author of "Out of Mulberry Street"

Danish-American journalist: 1849–1914

Danish-American social worker and writer

Jacob ___, American reformer

U.S. social reformer: 1849–1914

Danish-American reformer: 1849–1914

U.S. journalist, born in Denmark

U.S. journalist

Author of "The Making of an American"

Journalist Jacob: 1849–1914

Slum reformer: 1849-1914

Social reformer

N.Y.C. park

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Riis may refer to: Asbjørn 'Bear' Riis (born 1957), Danish professional wrestler Bendik Riis (1911–1988), Norwegian artist Bjarne Riis (born 1964), Danish former professional road bicycle racer turned team owner and manager Einar Riis (1922–2006), Norwegian...