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Answer for the clue "Conservative Brit", 4 letters:

Alternative clues for the word tory

Major affiliation


Major, for example


Sir Robert Peel, notably

Winston Churchill, politically

Winston Churchill, e.g.

Revolution opposer

Whig's rival

John Major, e.g.

Naturalist Roger ___ Peterson

British Conservative

Major or Thatcher, e.g.

Disraeli, e.g.

Canadian Conservative

Revolution-era loyalist

David Cameron, e.g.

Churchill, e.g.

Anti-Revolutionary of 1776

Major ally?

Labourite's opponent, in British politics

A supporter of traditional political and social institutions against the forces of reform

A political conservative

An American who favored the British side during the American Revolution

Churchill was one

Royalist in '76

Extreme conservative

Loyalist of 1776

Whig's opponent

English conservative

Disraeli was one

Royalist of '76

Thatcher, e.g.

Loyalist of '76

Whig's opposite

Loyalist in '76

He kept loyalty to royalty



Thatcher supporter

He pained Paine

Colonist with loyalty to royalty

Disraeli, for one

Thatcher is one

British politico

Synonym for Loyalist in '76

Whig's opposition

Word definitions for tory in dictionaries

The Collaborative International Dictionary Word definitions in The Collaborative International Dictionary
Tory \To"ry\, n.; pl. Tories . [ Properly used of the Irish bogtrotters who robbed and plundered during the English civil wars, professing to be in sympathy with the royal cause; hence transferred to those who sought to maintain the extreme prerogatives...

Wiktionary Word definitions in Wiktionary
a. (alternative capitalization of Tory English) n. (alternative capitalization of Tory English)

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary Word definitions in Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary
1566, "an outlaw," specifically "one of a class of Irish robbers noted for outrages and savage cruelty," from Irish toruighe "plunderer," originally "pursuer, searcher," from Old Irish toirighim "I pursue," from toir "pursuit," from Celtic *to-wo-ret- "a...

Wikipedia Word definitions in Wikipedia
A Tory holds a political philosophy ( Toryism ) based on a British version of traditionalism and conservatism . In politics, the Tory political faction originated with the Cavalier faction during the English Civil War . This political philosophy is prominent...

Usage examples of tory.

One highly impressive exhibit of early state legislative power is afforded by the ferocious catalogue of legislation directed against the Tories, embracing acts of confiscation, bills of pains and penalties, even acts of attainder.

But he never had a chance of distinguishing himself in her, never met a Frenchman who was his match, which was a pity, because there never was a man who longed for glory more, or who worked harder for it - even Old Jarvie praised the order Druid was kept in, although the Brokes are Tories, and always have been.

Old Jarvie praised the order Druid was kept in, although the Brokes are Tories, and always have been.

Yet as a young man in the early sixties Burgo had exuded an air of vulnerability which appealed to Tory ladies of all ages.

The Tory ladies, so vital to the party, had believed Burgo Smyth to be vulnerable, in need of loving care.

Of the Tories included in the last broadcast everyone, including Labour supporters, had to agree that Burgo Smyth was the star.

The Radical Parson, the upholder of Chartism, was in many ways a strong Tory.

As president of most of the family holding companies, Tory exercises enormous influence.

David Willetts resigned as Paymaster General after being criticised by the Standards and Privileges Committee, and Sir John Gorst said that the Government could no longer rely on his support as a Tory backbencher, which left his party teetering on the brink of losing its overall majority.

Roy, a Quebec Conservative, resigned from his party, he placed on Hansard a bitter indictment of Tory policies.

Liberals, Social Democrats, right-wing Labourites and left-of-centre Tories.

Tory jerked the collar of his mackinaw up around his ears, pulled his Stetson low on his forehead and prayed that he was keeping his horse in a straight line.

The rebels in Georgia threaten us, the Tories at Pensacola warn us, the Seminoles are gathering, the Minorcans are arming, the blacks in the Carolinas watch us, and the British regiments at Augustine are all itching to ravage and plunder and drive us into the sea if we declare not for the King who pays them.

A monster meeting was held on Newhall Hill, and there, in half a dozen words, Muntz sounded the knell of the new Tory Ministry.

The versatile gentleman, whom the Peelites delighted to honour, and who was also much in favour with the Manchester party, was supposed to be favourable to a coalition between his followers and the Tories.