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YEC may refer to:

  • Year End Championships, the season ending tennis tournaments
    • ATP World Tour Finals (men's tennis)
    • WTA Championships (women's tennis – top eight)
    • WTA Tournament of Champions (women's tennis – subtop)
  • Ying e Chi, a non-profit organization of independent filmmakers in Hong Kong
  • Yorkshire Engine Company, a former locomotive manufacturer in Sheffield, England
  • Young Earth creationism, a religious belief of a young creation of life and earth
  • Yukon Energy Corporation, a Canadian Crown corporation in the Yukon

yec may refer to :

  • Yeniche language (ISO 629-3 code), a variety of German spoken in Europe

YEC (car)

YEC (Yorkshire Engine Company) was a British motor car. Approximately 50 cars were manufactured in Sheffield from 190708.