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WASM or wasm may refer to:

  • Western Australian School of Mines, a tertiary institution revolving around Western Australia's mining industry based in Kalgoorlie and Perth, Western Australia
  • WASM (FM), a radio station (91.1 FM) licensed to Natchez, Mississippi, United States
  • Open Watcom Assembler, an x86 assembler
  • WebAssembly (wasm), an experimental bytecode format for use in web browsers
  • Merdei Airport (ICAO code), Indonesia; See List of airports by ICAO code: W


n. (label en humorous) An ideology, doctrine, theory or law that is no longer current or fashionable.

Usage examples of "wasm".

After three miles we passed, on the left, ruins of long walls and Arab Wasm, with white memorial stones perched on black.

The Tuwayl el-Suk is nothing but an open and windy flat, where the Hajj-caravan used to camp an adjoining ridge, the Hamra el-Tuwayl, shows spalled quartz, Wasm and memorial stones.