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The Collaborative International Dictionary


Vulcanology \Vul`can*ol"o*gy\, n. [See Vulcan, and -logy.] The science which treats of phenomena due to plutonic action, as in volcanoes, hot springs, etc. [R.]



n. the branch of geology that studies volcanoes [syn: volcanology]



alt. The study of volcano. n. The study of volcano.

Usage examples of "vulcanology".

Superficially, they follow none of the rules of terrestrial volcanoes in appearance or distribution, but when Rutter came out in 952 with his monograph on the dynamics of vulcanology, he proved rather conclusively that the lunar craters could not be caused by anything that we know as volcanic action.

It traversed the slowly decreasing numbers of yet unformed Plate topographies within transparent tunnels which gave out onto landscapes still being moulded and inscribed by the manufac tured vulcanologies of Orbital terraforming techniques.