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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Voe \Voe\, n. [Cf. Icel ver sea, v["o]ar a fenced-in landing place.] An inlet, bay, or creek; -- so called in the Orkney and Shetland Islands.


n. (context British English) A narrow sea inlet, particularly in the Shetland Islands, similar to a fjord.


Voes are inlets in the Shetland islands of Scotland.

Voe may refer to:

  • Voe, Shetland, village at the head of Olna Firth on Mainland, Shetland
  • Voe, Northmavine, settlement on Northmavine Peninsula of Mainland, Shetland
  • Burra Voe 60°29′51″N 1°2′25″W
    • Burravoe village in the Shetland Islands 60.499°N 1.054°W
  • Busta Voe 60°23′6″N 1°21′34″W
  • Sullom Voe, the longest in Shetland. 60.451733°N 1.310805°W
    • Sullom Voe Terminal 60°28′N 1°16.5′W
  • Voe of Cullingsburgh 60.165°N 1.066°W
  • West Voe of Sumburgh 59°52′0″N 1°17′45″W

Usage examples of "voe".

Het lawaai van handnijverheid en handel vermengde zich met de geluiden vanaf de kaden, waar zeshonderd schepen met ladingen uit alle delen van de zuidelijke kust van Rakhats grootste continent, zij aan zij naar Gayjur, hun grootste markt, voeren.

Fruits and flowers grew plentifully all about, and there were many of the delicious damas that the people of Voe were so fond of.

Voe Lockney beat his sticks together over his head, then attacked his drums with a frenzy.

Voe Lockney launched into a fusillade of drumbeats that ended with a crash of cymbals.