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a. 1 (abbreviation of variable English) 2 (abbreviation of various English) n. 1 (abbreviation of variant English) 2 (abbreviation of variation English) 3 (context botany English) (abbreviation of variety English) 4 (abbreviation of variometer English)


n. (biology) a group of organisms within a species that differ in trivial ways from similar groups; "a new strain of microorganisms" [syn: form, variant, strain]

Usage examples of "var.".

But never from a var. It would take a true revolution to reverse the social ladder that far.

It stung her throat and she could not stop wheezing as she passed the bottle to the next var. This only brought more laughter, but now with a difference.

In high spirits after their successful foray, the rads were talkative, excited, and clearly better educated than the average var. Their soft-voweled city accents hardly impressed the third groupeight rough-looking women, most of whom spoke the low, drawling dialect of the Southern Isles.

More water than he had ever known existed splashed ashore all along the coast of Var. He felt as though part of his body was lying on the beach, being splashed by every incoming wave, at the same time that part of him held the Great Mutar River and part of him was the cultivated fields.