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  1. 1 (label en grammar) (abbreviation of transitive English) 2 (abbreviation of translated English) 3 (label en music) (abbreviation of treble English) n. 1 (label en medicine) (abbreviation of tinctura lang=en nodot=yes) (gloss Latin for “tincture” English). 2 (abbreviation of trace English) 3 (abbreviation of track English) 4 (abbreviation of tragedy English) 5 (abbreviation of train English) 6 (abbreviation of trainee English) 7 (abbreviation of transaction English) 8 (abbreviation of transfer English) 9 (abbreviation of translation English) 10 (abbreviation of translator English) 11 (abbreviation of transport English) 12 (abbreviation of transportation English) 13 (abbreviation of transposition English) 14 (abbreviation of treasurer English) 15 (label en music) (abbreviation of treble English) 16 (label en music) (abbreviation of trill English) 17 (abbreviation of troop English) 18 (abbreviation of truck English) 19 (abbreviation of trumpet English) 20 (abbreviation of trumpeter English) 21 (abbreviation of trust English) 22 (abbreviation of trustee English) v

  2. 1 (abbreviation of translate English) 2 (label en printing) (abbreviation of transpose English)