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Soh (; also known as and Sūh) is a village in Murcheh Khvort Rural District, in the Central District of Shahin Shahr and Meymeh County, Isfahan Province, Iran. At the 2006 census, its population was 403, in 141 families.

Usage examples of "seh".

Botanist standards the Prefect of Seh was a very old man and his age inhabited his body in manner uncommon among the Botahist trained.

Nyodo, Master of the Botahist faith and Prefect of Seh, moved so slowly that he seemed always to be progressing toward an early closure of the Form.

No experience from all my years in Seh would indicate that such an army could exist in the wastes.

Palace tells us that Shonto is convinced a large barbarian army will attack Seh in the spring.

They were well enough armed, as one would expect of men of Seh, but they were not fully armored.

Since their arrival in Seh he had spoken with them only once, but he was left with a strong impression.

Compared to the ladies of the Capital, even the most sought after women of Seh seemed like the unaccomplished daughters of peasant farmers.

The battle before him was pitched and though they had the element of surprise it was quickly apparent that the men of Seh were few in number.

Parrying now, he put himself between the men of Seh and his former guide.

Komawara, you must realize that we have come to Seh to escape the Butto.

He had brought the animal back with him from Seh, and it had survived the voyage, first by river and then by sea, without apparent harm to body or spirit.

Emperor, and the men of Seh seemed equally blind to their plight and might well remain so until it was too late.

Nishima-sum was far too important to delay with such selfish concerns, so, to the disappointment of the two young women of Seh, Kitsura marshaled them along the covered portico.

Capital did such things, but the women from Seh had certainly seen no evidence that either the Lady Nishima or the Lady Kit-sura acted in such a manner.

The young women from Seh seemed almost to glow, for here they were in the company of two of the most celebrated women of their generation.