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n. 1 (context legal English) (abbreviation of section English) 2 (abbreviation of lang=en second) 3 (alternate form of lang=en sec)

Usage examples of "sec.".

The sec, being dismissive, had ordered everyone back to work, thus none of the companions had been able to pinpoint the origin of the hostility.

This would have alleviated the need for any kind of action on the part of the Pilatan sec patrol, if not for the fact that the angle of the turn was about to send the back wheel skidding over at least one of the concealed Pilatan sec. They had no choice but to make their presence known.

That's why I haven't chilled you or called sec. I could always make some excuse about seeing someone come in here and following them in, if it came to it.

We know that both Hutter and Jourgensen are attending the rendezvous because of the importance of the trade, so that means they'll all be carrying their best sec. We hit them and wipe them out, then the ville of Charity is wide open.