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Usage examples of "sched".

Getting lost in words had been his one escape from the rigorous demands of his sched ule.

I was wondering what for diversion, what for Joys, what summer sport should I choose to program into my Sched, the big brain that served me, tweetle and shimmer and flare.

We need to outfit Kat and set up a new training sched. Things will change, but they will be the same, only tougher.

We need some more intel, then make out our flight sched. It won't be more than a few days, I've got a hunch.

We're about five minutes ahead of sched. The boat commander said as soon as the chopper leaves he'll start moving toward the island.

I went up to the radio shack and looked at the fleet scheds, and every one of their cows is being escorted by a destroyer, sometimes even by a couple in case a submarine tries to show up at a meeting place on the ocean.