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init. 1 (context legal English) Abbreviation of the Latin from scilicet (namely, to wit, particularly), indicating that a legal document was executed in the designated place within that jurisdiction for such an act. 2 (abbreviation of sculpsit English) 3 (abbreviation of scene English)

Usage examples of "sc.".

That is: they have a devoted love of the physical world, and a desire to observe and understand it for its own sake and as 'other' – sc. as a reality derived from God in the same degree as themselves – not as a material for use or as a power-platform.

This is indeed mainly as it were a commemoration of the Departed, and theology is reduced to 'that which is beyond Elvenhome and ever will be', sc. is beyond the mortal lands, beyond the memory of unfallen Bliss, beyond the physical world.