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vb. (context transitive Singapore English) To get someone in trouble, to prank, to sabotage one's efforts


Sabo can stand for several things:

  • Sabotage
  • Sabo, a reality prank web series produced by Toggle, Singapore
Sabo (web series)

Sabo is a Singaporean web series which was launched in April 2015 and hosted by Mike Kasem. It is the first web series to be launched on MediaCorp interactive service Toggle, following the closure of xinmsn. The series is a reality hidden-camera show which pranks MediaCorp artistes and local celebs unsuspectingly.

Usage examples of "sabo".

We began our conversation, but when he came to the word Sabato, Saturday, which is a Sabo in Venetian, I discovered that he was a real Venetian, but not from Venice itself.

Of all the agents near Ontoset the Acoma Spy Master could call upon, Sabota was the most trustworthy.

For Sabota took with him instructions to the second-in-command of the Acoma spy network, a man Mara had never met whom Arakasi had designated his replacement should he fail to return from this endeavor.

It bothered him to think he might have held Sabota with him longer than necessary: he had discerned the key to the patrols two days ago.

From here they sailed to Sabota, an island situated between Elaea and Chios.

When Antenor received a signal that these ships were at sea, he started for Sabota and met them in the narrowest part of the channel between the headland of Erythrae and Chios.

The same was true with the skip, whose contr |i yammosk, falsely perceiving that the pilot was firing on another brood, would whisk the coralskipper through a turn to sabota shots.