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Rev. (TV series)

Rev. is a British television sitcom produced by Big Talk Productions. The show premiered on BBC Two on 28 June 2010 and ended on 28 April 2014. The show's working titles were The City Vicar and Handle with Prayer. The series revolves around a Church of England priest, played by Tom Hollander, who becomes the vicar of an inner-city London church after leaving a small rural Suffolk parish.

Hollander said: "[w]e wanted to define ourselves in opposition to the cliché of a country vicar, partly because we wanted to depict England as it is now, rather than having a sort of bucolic-y, over the hills and far away, bird-tweeting England – we wanted the complications of the multi-cultural, multi-ethnic inner-city, where everything is much harder."



abbr. 1 (context legal English) In case citations, abbreviation for reversed. 2 review 3 (context in bibliographies English) (abbreviation of revised English) 4 (context in bibliographies English) (abbreviation of revision English)

Usage examples of "rev.".

At this moment Miss Silence Withers entered, followed by Bathsheba Stoker, daughter of Rev. Joseph Bellamy Stoker.

The Rev. Eliphalet Pemberton Father Pemberton as brother ministers called him, Priest Pemberton as he was commonly styled by the country people--would have seemed very old, if the medical patriarch of the village had not been so much older.

In this way it was that the Rev. Joseph Bellamy Stoker became the colleague of the Rev.

It would have been of no use if he had: the women of the parish had taken up the Rev. Mr.

Miss Silence Withers, it was understood, would probably leave her money as the Rev. Mr.

At any rate, her face was never more serene than when she went to meeting with the two maiden ladies on the following day, Sunday, and heard the Rev. Mr.

They got a small cannon in readiness, and without waiting for the going down of the sun, began firing rapidly, upon which the Rev. Mr.

Susan Posey, my dear, I think you hard better not break in upon the pious meditations of the Rev. Joseph Bellamy Stoker in his private study.

Hopkins willingly consented to the arrangement which had been proposed, and agreed to go with the young lady on her visit to the Rev. Mr.

She found but a dangerous substitute in the spiritual companionship of a saint like the Rev. Joseph Bellamy Stoker.

I wish all ministers were as good and simple and pure-hearted as the Rev. Eliphalet Pemberton.

Now, my dear child, you ought to know that the Rev. Joseph Bellamy Stoker has the reputation of being too fond of prosecuting religious inquiries with young and handsome women.

She could not doubt his sincerity, and there was something in her own consciousness which responded to the suspicions he had expressed with regard to the questionable impulses of the Rev. Joseph Bellamy Stoker.

Byron or Moore, into which he would artfully throw so much meaning that Myrtle was almost as much puzzled, in her simplicity, to know what it meant, as she had been by the religious fervors of the Rev. Mr.

She had hopes for a time that Myrtle would go through the customary spiritual paroxysm under the influence of the Rev. Mr.