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Quatre is one of the Grenadines islands which lie between the Caribbean islands of Saint Vincent and Grenada. It is part of the nation of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines.

Category:Islands of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines

The Collaborative International Dictionary


Quatre \Qua"tre\, n. [F.] A card, die. or domino, having four spots, or pips



n. (context archaic English) A card, die, or domino with four spots or pips.


Usage examples of "quatre".

Jupiter pour sauver les quatre malheureux sergents du bailli du Palais.

Sharpe instinctively reined in his horse as he stared at the small cluster of buildings that marked the crossroads called Quatre Bras.

The French troops had not stopped in Frasnes, but were marching doggedly on towards Sharpe who supposed that their orders were to seize the crossroads at Quatre Bras before nightfall.

He twisted in the saddle to see a column of infantry at the crossroads of Quatre Bras.

Tell Rebecque that the crossroads at Quatre Bras are safe, but that the French are bound to attack in greater strength in the morning.

He had insisted on accompanying Sharpe to Quatre Bras, not to fight, he said, but just for the chance of glimpsing the Emperor.

Clouds still heaped in the west, but over the crossroads at Quatre Bras, and above a stream just north of Fleurus, the sky was clear as glass.

The sky above Quatre Bras was dirtied by the camp-fires, but to the east the rising sun betrayed a much vaster quantity of rising woodsmoke.

All that the French needed to do was take the crossroads at Quatre Bras.

Sharpe prayed that the French would go on waiting, and that the British troops who were marching desperately to reinforce the outnumbered defenders at Quatre Bras reached the crossroads in time.

The Prince turned his horse and galloped north towards Gemioncourt and Quatre Bras.

Better still, instead of retreating back to the crossroads, they were going to the cover of the dark wood which ran like a bastion down the left flank of the French route to Quatre Bras.

Duke said drily, then gestured towards the fields which lay to the left of Quatre Bras.

The French seemed to have no sense of urgency, perhaps believing the battle for Quatre Bras already won.

The first batteries of British artillery reached Quatre Bras and were ordered to unlimber at the crossroads.