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is a Japanese corporation best known as a video game developer and publisher. Following a merger with Bandai in September 2005, the two companies' game production assets were spun off into Bandai Namco Games on March 31, 2006, now known as Bandai Namco Entertainment. Namco was re-established to continue domestic operation of video arcades and amusement parks. Its headquarters are located in Ōta, Tokyo. The company's English name is often officially written as NAMCO (in all capital letters).

Namco was a front-runner during the golden age of arcade video games. Pac-Man went on to become the best-selling arcade game in history and an international popular culture icon. Namco was also known for creating successful franchises such as Galaxian, Ridge Racer, Ace Combat, Tekken, as well as the Soul and Tales series.

Namco (automobiles)

NAMCO (National Motor Company of Greece) is a Greek vehicle manufacturer. It was founded in 1972 by brothers Petros Tzannetos Kontogouris and Rodolfos Kontogouris.

Namco (disambiguation)

Namco is a Japanese corporation best known as a producer of video games. Namco may also refer to:

  • Bandai Namco Entertainment, a merger between Namco and Bandai's game development departments
    • Bandai Namco Pictures, a Japanese animation studio split off from Sunrise
  • Namco (automobiles), a Greek automobile producer
  • Namco, Tibet, a town located about 100km north of Lhasa
  • Nam Co, also called Namtso, a salt lake in Tibet

Namco (Plug & Play games)

A Namco Plug & Play Game is any of a series of models dedicated to games by Namco which make up a subset of Jakks Pacific's Plug It In & Play TV Games plug & play game system lineup with the exception of the newest one called Pac-Man Connect and Play which was handled by Bandai America instead of Jakks Pacific. They should not be confused with the Japan-only Namco Nostalgia pair of plug & play games directly from Namco Bandai Games.