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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
a victim mentality (=when someone always thinks of themselves as a victim)
▪ Many of us fall into a victim mentality, and blame all our troubles on other people.
▪ Her fervour and her depiction of a siege mentality do not transfer too easily to Britain.
▪ He is said to have siege mentality.
▪ We must not fall into the victim mentality and moan about what a miserable century this is.
siege mentality
▪ He is said to have siege mentality.
▪ Her fervour and her depiction of a siege mentality do not transfer too easily to Britain.
▪ I don't understand the mentality of these teenagers.
▪ Marston weaves facts into the story about slave-trading and shows the sick mentality of the slavery system.
▪ She despised the bourgeois mentality of the professional class.
▪ You know, I wonder if this is a male kind of mentality.
▪ Could these rights simply be taken away be-cause of the prevalence of a mob mentality?
▪ He is said to have siege mentality.
▪ Now the whole country is run by a myopic bourgeoisie with a mentality that does not care for the people.
▪ Often thought to be a relic of the past, the Maintenance Crew mentality is still very much with us.
▪ Pretty meant vacuous, personality meant show-off, having fun was shopgirl mentality.
▪ The mentality that produces such a procedure is not just unacceptable itself - as well as irksome to would-be candidates.
▪ The destruction of the Thornydale and Cortaro intersection just reveals the pervasive mentality in Tucson.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Mentality \Men*tal"i*ty\, n. Quality or state of mind. ``The same hard mentality.''

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1690s, from mental (adj.) + -ity. Rare before 20c.


n. A mindset; a way of thinking.

  1. n. a habitual or characteristic mental attitude that determines how you will interpret and respond to situations [syn: outlook, mindset, mind-set]

  2. mental ability; "he's got plenty of brains but no common sense" [syn: brain, brainpower, learning ability, mental capacity, wit]


Usage examples of "mentality".

A guilt-by-association mentality developed in the Detroit Police Department and a suspect with no gang affiliation could be labeled a Purple Gangster.

In here, his body motionless, his affinity expanding his consciousness through bitek processors and incorporated brains, his mentality was raised by an order of magnitude.

Nothing Mentality saw this joylessness as potential threat, and required all our minds to be redacted and resculpted to render us docile and content.

They are not a part of my mentality and when you put me on my honour or leave things to what you call my good faith unchecked, you cruelly and stupidly doom me to failure and that is true of all of us.

But at the moment his body was aching more than Wrey would ever know and he had no patience left for mid-bureaucratic mentality.

And my dreams had been periodically deviated to views of worlds I seriously doubted could have been products of my mentality.

It is now almost thirty years since I lived the life of a Meccan student during one university year, after having become familiar with the matter taught by the professors of the temple of Mecca, the Haram, by privately studying it, so that I could freely use all my time in observing the mentality of people learning those things not for curiosity, but in order to acquire the only true direction for their life in this world and the salvation of their souls in the world to come.

Furthermore, most of the feeble-minded cases in institutions, where the Mendelian studies have usually been made, come from families which are themselves of a low grade of mentality.

Rhada-manthus Mansion, in the chamber of memory, in third level of mentality, the deep-layer nonrealistic dreamscape.

Rhadamanthus Mansion, in the chamber of memory, in third level of mentality, the deep-layer nonrealistic dreamscape.

And while this is wonderful to get the emotions running in a politically correct college-age mentality, it does precisely nothing to help articulate the nature of human value systems, the nature of how men and women go about choosing the good, and the true, and the beautiful, choices that involve ranking, and choices that these critics make and then deny they have made.

More than this she acted in line with what appeared to be the purpose of acquiring a sympathetic control of the morals as well as the minds of the alien sojourner, the one being accompanied by a pandering to his lower nature with the doors of vice flagrantly ajar while the other armed his mentality with a Teutonized equipment and outlook.

The serene and elegant appearance of the new Yayoi pottery suggests that the civilizing influences that brought new technology to Japan in this age also advanced the mentality of its people.

We are growing gradually used to conditions that would once have seemed intolerable and getting to have less of the consumer mentality which both Socialists and capitalists did their best to inculcate in times of peace.

There was an elation and a satisfaction in it all, but it was cruelly exhausting for the new-comers, this ruthless mental pressure, this powerful, consuming, destructive mentality that emanated from Joshua and Hermione and Birkin and dominated the rest.