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The Collaborative International Dictionary


Mensal \Men"sal\, a. [L. mensalis, fr. mensa table.] Belonging to the table; transacted at table; as, mensal conversation.


Mensal \Men"sal\, a. [L. mensis month.] Occurring once in a month; monthly.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary


"monthly," 1860, from Latin mensis "month" (see moon (n.)) + -al (1).


"pertaining to or used at a table," mid-15c., from Late Latin mensalis, from Latin mensa "table" (see mesa).



Etymology 1 a. Occurring once in a month; monthly. Etymology 2

a. Belonging to the table; transacted at table.



adj. used at the dining table

Usage examples of "mensal".

The mensal chamber was floored with polished wood, the walls hidden by rice-paper screens painted with bamboo-and-crane motifs.

Shaggy dogs whined at the doors until the mensal remnants were tossed out to them in the front yard.

I hereby appoint you to the administratorship of my cathedral and mensal priest here.

Thereafter the food was appreciatively consumed, the few trans mensal exchanges wholly mundane and perfunctory, the bottle of Claret rapidly going and going and soon wholly gone.