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Menne is a surname that may refer to:

  • Bob Menne (born 1942), American golfer
  • Dave Menne (born 1974), American mixed martial arts fighter
  • Peter Menne (born 1960), German production designer, stage designer, painter and musician
  • Wilhelm Menne (1910–1945), German rower

Usage examples of "menne".

Me, Gorice the Twelft, Greate Kyng of Wychlande and of Ympelande and of Daemonlande and of al kyngdomes the sonne dothe spread hys bemes over, unto Corsus My servaunte: Thys is to signifye to the that thoue shalt with all convenient spede repaire with a suffycyaunt strengthe of menne and schyppes to Daemonlande, bycause that untowarde and traytorly cattell that doe there inhabyt are to fele by the the sharpnes of My correctioun.

Mantichora, whych is as muche as to saye devorer of menne, rennith as I herde tell, on the skirt of the mowntaynes below the snow feldes.