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Menfi is a comune (municipality) in the Province of Agrigento in the Italian region Sicily, located about southwest of Palermo and about northwest of Agrigento.

The town lies some from the south coast of Sicily, between the rivers Belice and Carboj. In 1910, a full third of the population of the town of Menfi had emigrated to the United States []. There was a particularly large community of Menfi emigrants in the Bushwick section of Brooklyn, New York City. On Starr Street in this neighborhood in Brooklyn, the emigrants established "The Flower of Menfi", which was also named the "Menfi Social Club", for Menfi emigrants and their families. The club was located at 28 Starr St. in Brooklyn, NY. On April 16, 1927, "The Flower of Menfi", described as "an organization of young men in Brooklyn", publicly sent a telegram to Governor Fuller asking for clemency in the openly anti-Italian American trial of Sacco and Vanzetti. 1. On October 27, 1933, the newspaper "The Brooklyn Sun" also noted that the "Menfi Social Club" was hosting a "political program" for Raymond V. Ingersoll, who was then running to be the Brooklyn Borough President, which he became in 1934 2.