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Mendy can refer to:

  • Mendy (surname), a last name
  • Mendy (given name), a first name
  • Idaux-Mendy, commune in the Pyrénées-Atlantiques department in south-western France
  • Mendy and the Golem, comic book featuring Jewish characters
  • Mendy's, a chain of Kosher restaurants, mentioned on the sitcom Seinfeld

Mendy (surname)

Mendy is a surname. Notable people with the surname include:

  • Alexandre Mendy (born 1983), French footballer
  • Ambrose Mendy (born 1954), British boxing promoter
  • Arnaud Mendy (born 1990), Bissau-Guinean footballer
  • Bernard Mendy (born 1981), French footballer
  • Christian Mendy (born 1984), French-Senegalese footballer
  • Christophe Mendy (born 1971), French boxer
  • Claudine Mendy (born 1990), French handball player
  • Danlaba Mendy (born 1976), French football striker
  • Domingo Mendy (born 1870, date of death unknown), Uruguayan Olympic fencer
  • Dominique Mendy (born 1983), Senegalese professional football player
  • Frédéric Mendy (born 1981), Senegalese-French football midfielder
  • Frédéric Mendy (born in 1988), professional footballer
  • Gaston Mendy (born 1985), Senegalese football midfielder
  • Jackson Mendy (born 1987), French-born Senegalese footballer
  • Jean Baptiste Mendy (born 1963), French former professional boxer
  • Jean-Paul Mendy (born 1973), French boxer
  • Jean-Philippe Mendy (born 1987), French footballer
  • Léonard Mendy (born 1989), Senegalese and French football player
  • Matthew Mendy (born 1983), Gambian footballer
  • Nampalys Mendy (born 1992), French football player
  • Pascal Mendy (born 1979), Senegalese footballer
  • Patrick Mendy (born 1990), Gambian professional boxer
  • Pedro Mendy (born 1872, date of death unknown), Uruguayan Olympic fencer
  • Remond Mendy (born 1985), Senegalsese footballer
  • Roger Mendy (born 1960), Senegalese footballer
  • Victor Mendy (born 1981), French-Senegalese Striker
  • Vincent Mendy (born 1988), French football defensive midfielder

Mendy (given name)

Mendy is a given name and can refer to:

  • Mendy Rudolph (1926 – 1979), professional basketball referee
  • Mendy López (born 1973), Dominican baseball utility player
  • Mendy Pellin, Hassidic comic
  • Mendy Samstein (1938 – 2007), American civil rights activist
  • Mendy Commanda a 1998 World Series of Poker champion in $1,000 Ladies - Limit 7 Card Stud
  • Mendy Fry (born 1969), American dragster and funny car driver
  • Emanuel Weiss (1906 – 1944), nicknamed "Mendy," professional hitman
  • Mendy and the Golem, comic book featuring Jewish characters

Usage examples of "mendy".

There was Mendy itself, a substantial bastion and one of our earliest strongholds on the plains.

In its earliest incarnations, before we had come to open strife with them, Mendy had been a place for Gernian merchants to enjoy commerce with the Plainspeople.

Two years before that, when some Plains warriors formed an alliance and tried to overrun Mendy, Brodg sent Farleyton in and we not only broke their siege, we ran them off completely.

Garvey, Chuck Munro, Steve Swartz, Liz Butcher, Cindy Ward, Ed Hall, Mark Tiedemann, Pierce Watters, Gretchen Hastings, Vonda McIntyre, Therese Littleton, Bill Eskridge, Ben Eskridge, Neil Eskridge, Ken Saint-Amand, Vince Caluori, Peter Adkison, Tina Trenkler, Juliane Parsons, Dave Slusher, Darlene Slusher, Timmi Duchamp, Amber Fullerton, Bryan Kinsella, Casey Leichter, Dave Schwimmer, David Serra, Donna Simone, Doru Culiac, Jan-Maree Bourgeois, Jarrod Nack, Jennifer Dirksen, Jill Waller, Josh Fischer, Karen Kapscady, Larry Weiner, Leeds Chamberlain, Lori Heric, Marty Durham, Mendy Lowe, Motoaki Nagahisa, Nelson Chang, Pat Robinette, Tamara Grunhurd, Wendy Wallace, Yasuyo Dunnett, Kathy Acey and the Astraea Foundation, Jeremy Lipp, Ellen Datlow, Rob Killheffer, Kris Rusch, Center Theatre, St.

Presidency of the United States of America of Thomas Dewey, a man who not only was not elected but would not even have been alive if Banana Nose Maldonado had not given such specific instructions concerning the Dutchman to Charlie the Bug, Mendy Weiss and Jimmy the Shrew.

Burroughs, Charlie Workman, Mendy Weiss, Len Weinglass in the Conspiracy Trial, and others who will quickly come to mind.

The rain of bullets jolts her awake into a sea of blood and in one flash she sees her husband dying beside her, her son twenty years ago weeping for a dead turtle, the face of Mendy Weiss, and Ben Volpe and two others backing out of the room.

In its earlies t incarnations, before we had come to open strife with them, Mendy had been a place for Gernian merchants to enjoy commerce with the Plainspeople.