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Mendi, Papua New Guinea, is the provincial capital of the Southern Highlands Province.

Mendi (disambiguation)

Mendi is the capital of the Southern Highlands Province of Papua New Guinea.

Mendi may also refer to:

  • Mendi Rodan (1929–2009), Israeli conductor, composer and violinist
  • Mendi Msimang, treasurer of the African National Congress
  • Mendi Mengjiqi (born 1958), Kosovar Albanian composer
  • Mendi Obadike (born 1973), Igbo Nigerian American musician, poet and conceptual artist
  • , a steamship used as troop carrier by the Royal Navy, sunk in 1917

  • , a frigate of the South African Navy, launched 2003

  • Mendi, Ethiopia, a town
  • Mehndi (or henna), used for body painting
  • CD Mendi, a minor Spanish football club