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n. 1 (form of possessive case men English) 2 The men’s room; the bathroom in a public or commercial establishment reserved for males. 3 A store department where clothing is sold for adult males.



n. a public toilet for men [syn: men's room]

Usage examples of "men's".

He lingered for a while before he took his final leave, leaning against the door-post, and laughingly telling how he and some of his brother squires had made a figure of straw dressed in men's clothes, and had played a trick with it one night upon a watchman against whom they bore a grudge.

Three years followed, during which he passed through that state which immediately follows boyhood in all men's lives--a time when they are neither lads nor grown men, but youths passing from the one to the other period through what is often an uncouth and uncomfortable age.

But men's bodies in those days were tougher and more seasoned to hardships of weather than they are in these our times.