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a. 1 (abbreviationlegal) 2 (abbreviationlegislative) adv. (context music English) (abbreviationlegato) n. 1 (context Canada informal English) A legislature, or legislative building. 2 (abbreviationlegate) 3 (abbreviationlegend) 4 (abbreviationlegislation) 5 (abbreviationlegislature)

Usage examples of "leg.".

You are picking up a mild shock in your leg. Not the bionics limb, Steve.

A sudden spasm of electricity slashed through the left leg. The limb snapped straight out, the knee locking, the signals mixing wildly.

Steve spun sideways, his body helpless from the sudden upthrusting of the leg. Then he went limp, sagging in the harness.

Then, using the radio transmitter built into his right leg, he could burst-transmit the recorded message.

Steve looked up to see a white-faced sailor staring at the twisted, mangled leg. He exchanged glances with Ricardo as the sailor, instinctively, crossed himself at the sight.

The shift of white linen that covers her is stained with a crimson trail from her ribs down her left leg. Her blood drips from her heel into the flowers below her feet.

This time one of the Indians fell, screaming and clutching at his leg. The others wavered.

There were a couple of other face wounds, or blades driven in under armpits, or in the back of the leg. The doctor sewed and bandaged, debrided and cleansed.

When he returned with the wagon to the Five Owls, he found waiting a work-force of twelve individuals of miscellaneous sort, including a man not only senile but also lacking a leg. Another, in the throes of intoxication, fought away imaginary insects.

Through the ferns the border runs on one leg. This side and that side: white, red-rimmed mushrooms battle black, white, and red ants.

A good-sized male, weighing around three pounds, swam by him, brushing his leg. Tarantio did not move.

Where I grew up, they would have healed your leg. Then you would have been able to run across these hills.

Ignoring both men, she sat back down on the bed and drew up her cotton shift, staring down at the now perfectly formed leg. She stood once more, then spun on her heel in a graceful pirouette.

To add to his list of failures, he was facing permanent disability with his leg. Deep depression sank into his aching bones.

When Lyndon insisted, pushing more forcibly, Gian put weight on his painful leg, but crumpled.