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n. hour, (alternative spelling of hr English)

Usage examples of "hr.".

In three other cases minute flies or portions of larger ones were carried to the centre in 1 hr. 30 s.

Nevertheless, some purple colour could still be detected after 1 hr. 30 m.

One of these same leaves was then placed in a weak solution of the carbonate, and after 1 hr. 45 m.

In one leaf thus immersed there was a little aggregation after 1 hr. 20 m.

A leaf placed in milk had the contents of its cells somewhat aggregated in 1 hr. Two other leaves, one immersed in human saliva for 2 hrs.

When however a leaf becomes quickly inflected in water, as sometimes happens, especially during very warm weather, aggregation may occur in little over 1 hr. In all cases leaves left in water for more than 24 hrs.

I then added a minute drop of a solution of one part of carbonate of ammonia to 109 of water, and after 1 hr. examined the specimens.

A leaf from this plant, and, for comparison, one from a fresh plant, were both immersed for 1 hr. in a rather strong solution of carbonate of ammonia.

The usualsized drops were placed on three leaves, and these in 1 hr. 30 m.

Sanderson, who on subjecting it to artificial gastric juice found that in 1 hr. some was dissolved, but only in the proportion of 23 to 100 of fibrin during the same time.

Another leaf was placed in the same quantity of a solution of one part to 7000 of water, and in 1 hr. 16 m.

It is extremely improbable that these two leaves would have undergone aggregation if they had been left for a little longer in the water, namely for 1 hr. and 1 hr.

A little drop of the same size and strength was also applied to four other glands, and in 1 hr. two became inflected, whilst the other two never moved.

Of these leaves, eleven had nearly all or a great number of their tentacles inflected in 1 hr., and the twelfth leaf in 3 hrs.

Nevertheless, two of them had all their tentacles, except three or four, closely inflected in under 1 hr. Seven were considerably affected, some within 1 hr.