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n. (plural of foursome English)

Usage examples of "foursomes".

The games will all be foursomes or alternate shot matches - "a wonderful game," Jimmy says.

Perhaps Jimmy enjoys foursomes golf because he likes to be put under pressure, not only for himself, but for a partner.

All he knew about the man after the first eighteen holes was that he had an office on Madison Avenue in New York City and loved to play in these pro-am foursomes around the country.

Even so, eating alone in a dining room surrounded by couples and foursomes had been a dreary affair.

There are foursomes of normal intelligence, but none existed in Flenser/Tyrathect.

And a sort of civil army, if you could call it that, strolling in foursomes on every second or third street, brandishing clubs, angular with swords.

If the greens were at opposite ends of the same fairway and foursomes had to play against each other, defending their own green while assaulting the opponents' and risking getting hit with a ball or a club at close quarters, well, then you'd have a game.