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Fishmarket , also spelt Fish Market, is a street in Luxembourg City, in southern Luxembourg, that shares its name with the neighbourhood directly surrounding it. It lies in the eastern part of the Ville Haute quarter.

Fishmarket was historically the centre of the city. Built at the junction of two Roman roads, it was the site chosen as the heart of Luxembourg Castle. The name is derived from its use as a marketplace for the sale of fish, along with markets for various agricultural produce (such as cheese), the trade of which was the foundation for Luxembourg's early economy.

Fishmarket is the home of several buildings and institutions of national importance:

  • Council of State
  • National Museum of History and Art
  • Saint Michael's Church

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alt. A market where fish is sold. n. A market where fish is sold.

Usage examples of "fishmarket".

And now and again, at Moghi's tavern by the Fishmarket Stairs, her first and best customer, there was a different sort of trade, a few barrels of very fine brandy to take down-canal to Hafiz with the empties.

So she came in the dead of night, poling lazily past the gathering of barges at the Hightown Bridge as if she were looking for a mooring-spot, and then going on the Grand Canal under the pilings of the Fishmarket Stairs, where a winding set of steps came down from the triple bridgeways of Merovingen-above.

The figures went away then, a flicker of shadow among the railings, and the thump of leather-shod soles up the Fishmarket Stair.

She froze stock still, cursed to herself and swayed to the motion of the water that was pushing on that floating body too, taking it and her loose boat the same way, beside the webwork of Fishmarket, in the shifting glimmer of the moon and Moghi's reflected porchlight.

There was Moghi's, dim and distant under Fishmarket shadow, Moghi's porch beyond Ventani Pier.

There were skips and poleboats and the usual huddle of barges, the vegetable-sellers and the fish-sellers and the fish-freighters tied up to rings there by Fishmarket and spilling all the way along the edge.

Moghi's Tavern was on the waterfront down below, at the Ventani's opposite comer, that which supported Fishmarket Bridge.

And if he goes back for Fishmarket round the Calliste I'll know he's a proper fool.

Southtown Bridge loomed up, and the tall triple span of Fishmarket Bridge was the imagination of a shadow behind that.

THE shore was a brick rim that held the tie-rings and made a walk all uneven and shadowy around Ventani's great bulk and the towering triple structure of Fishmarket Bridge.

You know what they did, those enemies of his, they flung him right off Fishmarket Stair, slunk right along the Grand and up that stair and off they flung him, right by your porch out there.

THE boat was there, out to the front of the second-hand store, beyond Fishmarket Stair—sleepy-looking scene, boat on black water, boatman drowsing on the halfdeck, nearest of four boats night-tied at that corner.

Altair cut the engine under the Fishmarket, steered up to the mass in front of Moghi's porch, there in Moghi's light, and bumped against the skips there.

This area seemed to be primarily a fishmarket, but the slope gave a fair view of other boulevards, and all of them were packed with crowds.

Beyond the Mud Gate and the desolation that had once been the fishmarket and wharves, the river itself seemed to have taken fire.